Green Steel Strategy

Sustainability is the only key to secure our future. Our Green Steel Strategy includes three core areas:

SWT Green

for the substitution of fossil energy sources

SWT Green

for climate-neutral internal and external logistics

SWT Green

for a reduced use of resources

100% Future

By implementing comprehensive measures, we optimize resource efficiency for all business processes and infrastructure step-by-step. With our web application CO2 Balance, we can provide the complete product carbon footprint for each tonne of SWT Green Steel, which also includes transport to the agreed place of delivery.

Stahlwerk Thüringen is committed to the idea of ​​recycling: since 1995, we have been using exclusively steel scrap as the basis for our steel, which is melted in the electric arc furnace. In this way, we reduce CO2 emissions by well over 50% compared to steelworks of the blast furnace route. As a result, we save more than a million tons of CO2 every year – that corresponds to the volume of 210 Cheops pyramids.

Only 327 kg CO2e per tonne of section steel

according to our EPD ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1

Only 327 kg CO2e per tonne of section steel

according to our EPD ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1

SWT Green Steel in use

The demand for green steel is increasing: More and more customers are attaching importance to their carbon footprint. We support them with our production portfolio of steel sections, steel sleepers and special profiles.

We support European railways that, like us, pursue a consistently sustainable business policy in decarbonising their operations: Stahlwerk Thüringen supplies all infrastructure projects of Europe’s railways exclusively with SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel®. These applications include:

We supply SWT Green Steel to all renewable energy construction projects worldwide, such as offshore wind farms.


Contact person:

Henry Ewald

Head of Sales Coordination,
responsible for product management