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New green steel partnership with Lemvigh-Müller

The Danish company focusses on green steel.

Planners are placing more and more emphasis on the use of sustainable products already in the development phase of buildings, because the carbon footprint of constructions should be as small as possible. In order to meet the increasing demand for emission-reduced steel, the stockholder Lemvigh-Müller now offers SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel® from stock. We are pleased about the Green Steel partnership with the Lemvigh-Müller.

Henry Ewald (Sales Coordination SWT), Alexander Stier (Head of Sales & Logistics SWT), Helle Sørensen (Product Manager Lemvigh-Müller) and Uve Edemann (Director Market & Procurement Flat & Long products Lemvigh-Müller).

Together with Lemvigh-Müller for a promising future.